News & Rumours

SUPER LEAGUE News & Rumours – June 9, 2020: “Restart Reckoning”

Restart Committee Formed to Tackle Restart. COVID-19 Concerns Take Precedent. Black Lives Matter. PLUS: Player Movement On Fire!

SUPER LEAGUE News & Rumours – May 29, 2020: “Money, Power, Respect”

Players Play for Power Amid Cap Concerns as Super League Restart Starts to Take Shape. PLUS: Sonny Williams, Greg Inglis and the return of NRL.

SUPER LEAGUE News & Rumours – May 25, 2020: “Speaking Inglis”

The Inglis is Coming! Super League Zeroes in on August Restart and Everybody's Mad. Challenge Cup Blues. PLUS:Doctors Chime In.

SUPER LEAGUE News & Rumours – May 8, 2020: “The More Things Change”

Super League eyes July Return. Relegation Likely Scrapped. Back to the RFL? PLUS: Sonny B vs. Tyson and an Anti Vaxxer Threatens Rugby Restart.

SUPER LEAGUE News & Rumours – May 1, 2020: “£16M Ways to Try”

Super League Aid Delivered. McDerMott Fears No Home Games for Wolfpack. Ditch Relegation? PLUS: Empty Stadiums and Jackson Hastings Speaks Up.

SUPER LEAGUE News & Rumours – April 24, 2020: “Corona Casualties”

Magic Weekend disappears. Super League prefers the long way. Lussick and Asofa-Solomona ready to rumble? PLUS: Loan Denied and Kind Words for Watkins.

Super League News & Rumours – April 20, 2020: “Paycuts Cometh”

Sonny Williams accused of cashing in. NRL poaching Super League? The pay cuts are here! PLUS: Wolves' Mike Cooper helps out and still no return date for fans.