WOLFPACKCITY.COM ranks the top 5 logos in Super League for 2020.



A good logo stands the test of time, some are as forgettable as the team it adorns and others are relentlessly ridiculed into infamy. Creating an image that captures the essence of a team and the city it represents is no small task and failure can make mince meat of marketing and branding departments. The truth is most sports club names and logos eventually grow on a fan base wether they like it or not, a process helped immeasurably by the act of winning. If you can’t win, looking cool AF is the next best thing and logos here have done one or the other (but mostly a bit of both) to make in onto our list of…



Cross the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies team colours with the logo design of the Minnesota Timberwolves and voila! You’ve got the Warrington Wolves. But that isn’t why the millennial design sneaks onto this list. The real question we posed to ourselves was – how could we NOT include an official team logo that manages to include the team’s THE WIRE tag? Not only does it sound cold-as-ice but it also happens to be the name of the greatest television show ever made. Do you think a rugby league team could fly in Baltimore? Maybe not but we could see this look being a thing. The use of the negative space is what stands out, particularly with the wolf, which is snarlier and decidedly less corporate than Toronto’s steelier, geometric version. 



For the sheer audacity of the hot pepper bottle graphics and a font we grew up seeing on every Kung Fu movie poster in North America, this piece gets a ranking. There is simply nothing else like it in the league and its design righteously incorporates the name of the club it originally merged with – AS Saint-Esteve – 20 years ago. Respect. A classic colour scheme with an 80’s motif that’s as much arcade game as it is serious business – it’s one of the more underrated trademarks in all of rugby.


You want to yell and accuse us of being homers for adding the Wolfpack to this list, don’t you? Too soon? While we admit to being mostly Toronto at heart you could have roots on Mars and still see the genius in the simplicity of this design. 50’s black and white, geometric bliss and the “T for Toronto” design that makes the wolf face all make it an instant classic and appropriately forward for a new age of rugby. We would have barfed if the club had gone retro just to fit in. Instead they wowed us with a creative branding mugshot that has found its way onto to everything from balls to beer. This is a big league look for a club trying to move up in a league trying to grow up.



It’s all about the badge here and this clean, classic design is a welcome sight in the midst of all these animals. Championships make it shine brighter – no doubt – and St. Helen’s has plenty of those. Simplicity is key here and while the neighbouring Hull Kingston Rovers employ a similar “three stacked crowns” layout it doesn’t hold the power the Saints have with its winning history. We could go on about the coat of arms influence and the gold colour-way which illuminates that history but that would only complicate the simplicity of this work. Its like a statue you want to keep dusted and shined at all times and the winning the club has done can’t help but seep into the fabric of the design. It is basically the New York Yankees logo of Super League.


This timeless look is like a bridge from the UK to America. It’s got the old American traditional tattoo look in effect and the bright, packed orange brings to life one of the more ferocious tigers you’ll see rep a team. They certainly don’t draw teeth like that anymore and the plain text wrap completes the vintage vibe. Quick history – when Super League started in 1996 Castleford refused to merge with Wakefield Trinity and Featherstone Rovers, becoming instead one of the new league’s founding members. That’s what keeps this wild spirit logo grounded in independence and puts it at the top of our list. Seriously – slap this on a jersey, jean jacket, leather jacket, spacesuit, baby bib or hood of your car… you can’t freakin’ lose.